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by Hydroksyde

2013-Keanu 002.jpg
Keanu Britomart

by Ezekiela

2010-Tiana 002.JPG

by Ezekiela


by begonia

2013-Keanu 001.jpg
Funny Face

by Ezekiela

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Yoda lego.JPG
Lego Yoda

by Parris Family

NewZealander Infantry in Italy

by Sapo

Davis point female.JPG
Davis Point female seal, Campbell Island

by madvet
Scene at Parihaka Music Festival

by Te Papa
Wild Horses

by Te Papa

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Haere rā OurSpace!

We're saying goodbye to our multimedia exhibition OurSpace on 27th July 2014, to make room for the next exciting step towards Te Papa’s flagship exhibition commemorating 100 years since WWI.

We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has contributed images and videos to OurSpace, which opened in 2008.

We’d like to thank everyone who shared their experiences; without your images and video this extraordinary experience would not have been possible.

OurSpace content will be preserved so that people in the decades to come will know what New Zealand and New Zealanders were like and get a snapshot into our recent history, so stay tuned in the next few months to find out more about that archiving process.

Visit Te Papa's blog to find out more:

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